Red Sun Magazine publishes science-fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction between 3-5k words, up to 17k words; 3-5k is preferred, but we will consider works up to 17k. We also will consider serializing longer works up to 80k. Serials should be complete. No works-in-progress.

In addition to fiction, we want interviews, articles, and reviews up to 5k words that are relevant to the genres we publish, to include role-playing games, board games, movies,television, etc.

We also accept artwork & comic strips; no poetry. Art should fit the genres we publish.

What we pay (in U.S. dollars): $100 for stories; $150 for stories 15-17k; and $300 for serializations. For art and comics we will pay $35 per piece of artwork; $100 for a cover. We cannot pay for non-fiction at this time. All contributors will receive an as yet to-be-determined amount of contributors copies.

The magazine publishes four issues a year, JAN-MAR, APR-MAY, JUL-SEP, and OCT-DEC. We are open to submissions all year, however, because we are a small volunteer staff, submissions may take up to four months or longer to receive a response. We will do our best to get you a response much sooner, but if you choose to submit your work to us, please be prepared for a possible long wait. 

What we are buying: First World English Rights, First Electronic Rights, and Anthology Rights (a “best of” to be negotiated with the authors). We ask for exclusive rights to the author’s work for six months (the duration of a single issue’s run, plus two months), as well as exclusive anthology rights for a year, both to begin at the time of publication.

What we want: quality entertainment. The stories can be dark. They can be violent. They can be gory. They can be humorous. They can be weird. They can be political. They can be speculative. They can be populated with any culture, any religion. With men, women, LGBT, black, white, or brown. We are particularly interested in war-themed science fiction, especially war-themed science fiction written by war veterans.

Stories should be in .RTF or .DOCX format.

No multiple or simultaneous submissions. No reprints.

All stories and articles should be submitted in Shunn standard manuscript format. Serials should be submitted in this format. We will reject any written work that is not submitted in standard manuscript format.

Artists please send us several samples of your work as .jpg, and if we like your portfolio, we will work with you and assign you one or more stories for illustration. The exception is comics–you can submit those at anytime as .jpg.

For queries, questions about advertising, etc. please use the email address listed on our Contact page and mention whatever it is you are inquiring about in the subject of the email.

Good luck and thank you for choosing Red Sun Magazine! We look forward to seeing what you create!

Red Sun Magazine